Video - Heaven's Gate rescue oct 2012 and a poem

We needed your love,
We needed your touch,

But all too often it wasn't much.

One day there was confusion,
Men came to take us away.
Where are we going?
This is all we've known.
It isn't much,
But it's our home.
We're scared as we're loaded,
In the trailer together.
We travel for what seems like forever.
Often we touch,
Seeking comfort from our fear.
It's dark when we stop,
And the trailer door opens.
We are coaxed outside,
And to our surprise,
There is fresh water and food,
Already prepared.
Soft voices and hands,
Seek to reassure us.
It's then that we realize,
Other horses are here.
They nicker a greeting,
And tell us we're safe.
We already feel that we'll love this place. 
Heaven's Gate
Animal Rescue in Alberta, Rocky Mountains

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