Who stands behind Heaven's Gate

Brigitte & Al are both animal lovers from the bottom of their heart. On Heaven's Gate my mom and stepfather Al are taking care of the animals with all of  their heart and soul. If Heaven's Gate would be an ordinary company, Al would be the technical manager. He looks after the construction and maintenance of the ranch and this is a very big challenge in the wilderness of Canada.

Brigitte & Al

Building materials and replacement parts are very difficult to get. Therefore he has a large storage of sort out materials, which can always be converted and used again. Like an old speaker gets turned into a holder for a pot at the campfire. Brigitte is the good soul of the farm. She trains the horses and recovers all of her sick animals with lots of love and affection. In addition she looks after the sourcing and supervision of the Volunteers (helpers on the farm) If there is any trouble she will always be there to help wherever she can. Together they are an unbeatable team and created Heaven's Gate to what it is now. A place where human beings and animasl can feel very happy.


Heaven's Gate is located in the Canadian province of Alberta, about 2.5 hours drive from Calgary Airport (South). Here we live close to the "Livingstone Range" (Willow Valley Road). We recommend every visitor to rent a car, because the buses are only conditionally recommended. Livingstone Range is located in a peripheral region of the Canadian Rockie's and forms the eastern boundary of the Rockies in southern Alberta. The northern border forms the Highwood River. The country was named after its discoverer David Livingstone.

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