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Every Animal has the right to be loved

Here at Heaven’s Gate, we do not only offer a home for the animals – we also are working with every animal in order to rehabilitate them using time, love, and patience.  For this, we need many volunteers with great energy and enthusiasm and a love for working with animals. We are always happy and welcoming to wonderful people like this that will bring an uplifting spirit and express their love of horses with respect and regard for the animals interests. Our methods are based from Natural Horsemanship. In complicated cases, I like to incorporate music and spiritual energy into training in order to rebuild the faith and restore the trust, connection, and communication between the horses and humans. This often requires weeks to months, and is not connected to any schedule of events; healing and progression happens when the soul is ready and the circumstances for healing are present.  Our methods have been proven effective, with many of our horses moving on to be lovely and safe riding horses that have found joy in working with humans. Once our horses are comfortable with human companionship and are safe for working together, we make them available for adoption to the public. Adoption is a very important step for us in order to make room for other animals that are in distress.

Heaven’s Gate is a paradise for many animals, and those who love to be close to animals. We believe in giving the animals as many chances as they need in order to heal. It does not matter where they come from, the age, size, colour or breed; we do our very best for each and every one. Every animal has the right to be loved. Our training is based on love, and that is the way to forgive, forget, and to heal.

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