Volunteering at Heaven's Gate

If you love animals and nature, here with us in the sanctuary you will feel like in paradise. Our sanctuary has been in existence for 10 years now and we are taking in many animals who with us get a second chance in life. Heaven's Gate is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by a fascinating landscape, wildlife and it is just real nature. Here you can see and watch everything from a cougar to moose and grizzly´s and still there are many other wild animals.  My husband and I enjoy every day and feel privileged to live here in the mountains on 160 acres land.  We are happy to share this wonderful life with young people who truly have a desire for freedom.

With us you can live this dream: “Back Into the wild “  Our large vegetable garden is a lot of fun and provides us and our dear helpers with many vitamins. Since 2011, we have a Volunteer House  with 2 rooms and a small kitchen, our Volunteers love it. When it rains we have our celebrations there and as soon as it gets warm we sit around the campfire or in our Tippis. Drumming evenings are always a highlight for our helpers. Our day starts at 9am , before the breakfast our old and frail animals get taken care off, which some helpers do very quickly.

At about 12:00 we have a lunch break for 45 minutes, at 6:00 pm we have dinner. We usually cook international food. Weekends are free, but of course, in the morning and evening the animals need to be taken care off.If we have Wildlife Orphans we have to feed them Day and Night, weekends to ,of curse! Sometimes  Brigitte goes with very nice Volunteers shopping in Western stores or near by Parks  or Swimming in our pond is also  a lot of fun.

  • This year we need : 
  • Men for fence construction and building !
  • Someone who can cook
  • People for our  vegetable garden!
  • Volunteers for Raccoon Orphans (Bottle feeding)
  • Horse trainer
  • Riders for Green Horses
  • Volunteers for cleaning

  Our helpers have to stay at least 1 months or longer !!

Love for animals is a requirement in order to come to Heaven's Gate, animal care is very versatile.  Mucking out, fence construction, wood work, construction of some buildings or gardening will be one of your tasks. We'll learn you how to handle a chainsaw, and many other machines, depending on what you want to learn. It's a wonderful life in the wilderness, daily adventures will astound you.  We need People who love Animals and want to help them no matter what kind of work they have to to ! Only together we are strong,let's help Animals in need ♥

WE TRAIN HORSES BY NATURAL HORSEMAN SHIP.If you want to train horses you need a trainer education!!! We are looking for enthusiastic and energetic people who enjoy working with animals.Volunteers are needed to assist with care of horses (feeding, cleaning, grooming, hoof care, training, exercising, etc). and facility maintenance, as well as special projects.Lifting up to 40 lbs(20 Kilo) which may include hay bales, wheelbarrows, 5 gallon water buckets, etc.Grooming, saddling and bridling horses.

  • Handling and care of horses
  • Maintaining a neat stable area, including house keeping and janitorial duties of tack room, feed room, arena and barn area
  • Cleaning stalls and paddocks
  • Cleaning tack and other equipment such as buckets
  • Willingness to learn
  • Willingness to be part of a team and follow guidelines

If you're a friendly, animal loving, hard working person who is looking for adventure and love to helping Animals , Heaven's Gate will be a paradise for you. We are a non-profit organization, when you come to us, you will help the animals.   Please write to us, we are a German couple, who speak German and English.  Volunteers are at the  heart  of Heaven's Gate .While previous experience with horses is helpful, there are also lots of ways that people without horse experience can help. Your position as a volunteer depends upon where your skills and interests will be most beneficial to our program. Jobs may include getting your hands dirty by helping out around the farm or assisting with other important tasks.


Any Questions?

Important: If you want to send us an application please use our application form which you'll find here:

Please read our FAQ's (see bottom of this page) before contacting us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We, Brigitte and Al, are happy to provide our helpers a own cabin and a living room with kitchen. We are looking forward for a great time with you and hope, you enjoy your time on our Ranch . We share our house, we share our Ranch, we share everything with you.We built everything ourselves and we are very proud about everything on Heaven's Gate.We hope you appreciate everything as much as we do ,it's not fancy ,it's very special for us !!!!! We invite you to participate in our life,please do not disappoint us !Thank you so much for  you Help !
    Please follow these simple rules:
  • Please do not forget, your host is only human,just ask if your Question is very very imported, because he has to answer many Volunteers !!!
  • Please respect your Hosts  Privacy,Thank you
  • we take a Deposit of 200$ ,You get your money back if you have left everything carefully
  • Keep the Place , cabin and the Ti-pi`s always clean

  • Clean after yourself

  • Recycle your waste

  • Absolutely no smoking in the cabin! Please use the provided ashtrays for smoking outside.

  • Helpers will be liable for any damage done in the cabin and property above and behind normal use.

  • We provide WiFi. You can use it after work. Please do not use it in the morning. We need a fast connection for our Rescue !!!!

  • Taking care about your living area,

  • please clean after using Bathroom and Toilet
  • Cook your own Dish and wash your Dishes

  • Care for the animals.

  • please be happy and positive daily !!!!

Is there WiFi?

Yes, you can bring your device and use the WiFi. You can use it after work. Please do not use it in the morning. We need a fast connection for our business.  There´s no mobile phone connection at our farm!!!

How much free time do I have?

We work 5 days a week but if you have to care about Raccoons or other Orphan Animals you have to feed them on the week end to . After work you are free to spend your time as you like. We love to sit by an open fire and have fun with our volunteers. You could also hike in the mountains and watch wildlife or sit by the creek and read a book. Relax in a hammock or tipi.Take a Bicycle or just have fun with our Dogs . 

How often can I do horseback riding?

It depends on your riding skills and the Weather of curse. We do not provide riding lessons or riding for beginners. If there are skilled riders among the volunteers they are free to teach other volunteers on our horses in their free time. Well skilled riders are welcome to take tours and help train our horses. It always depends on the person!

Which kind of work will I have to do?

Mostly our volunteers work together. Work ranges from feeding and caring for the animals, gardening, fencing, wood working and a thousand things more to household work.

What kind of food is provided?

It is everyone´s share to cook from time to time. This will provide a various menu.

    • we don't buy Meat but you can but it by yourself!
    • we only buy normal food
    • everything that grows on a farm
    • we save animals therefore we can not afford so much
    • we go shopping every week and you can buy everything you like


How long do I have to work?

We ask for 6 hours of work a day in exchange for free accommodation and three meals. This is no fixed routine. It likely happens that you will have to help more or less the one day or another. Sometimes we can't work outside because of the Weather, we take a free day or we clean inside. There are no fixed regulations for pause times or help you are allowed or bound to do. Every help is done on a voluntary base and with beforehand agreement.   Caring about your living area, preparing meals as well as cleaning dishes is part of your free time. In bad weather we also do occasional excursions ,sometimes shopping or just go for Dinner in a Restaurant,but it always depends on the Volunteer !!!

How much luggage can I take?

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Where will I be accommodated?

There´s a timber house a cabin, a old School Bus and a camper for our volunteers. Showers and toilette's are located in a different building.

What should I take with me?

Until the month of May it could get very cold here, especially at night. Take enough warm clothing as well as comfortable and solid shoes with you.(Rubber-boots) For your work you will need warm and robust clothing which will get quite dirty.Also a Flashlight for the Nights.  Working gloves are very important. Please bring a Sleeping Bag ,Thank you


Is it possible to leave the farm early if I don´t feel comfortable?

Yes, we will have a one-week probation period to get to know each other. If you or we will not feel comfortable you are free to leave the farm early. This happened very rarely in the past. If there´s something unpleasant talk to us and we will do our best to find a solution together.

Which costs are arising?

You will get free accommodation and three meals a day in exchange for your help. But you should plan on some pocket money for souvenirs and traveling around.

We don't pay for Meet but you can buy it to your self!

We are a rescue for Animals ,we are not able to buy expensive Food ,we provide just regular Food,sorry

200$ Deposit

Do I get a transfer from the airport to the farm?

No, you will have to get to Pincher Creek (there´s a Greyhound bus station) and we will pick you up there.

Is work experience required?

Work experience is always a plus but not mandatory. You will get a lot of various fields to work and learn on. Be prepared for physical outside work in our fresh mountain air.

Do I need an insurance?

Most important is a (private) health insurance for Canada! It´s up to you to choose furthermore a private travelers third party liability insurance, travelers accident insurance, baggage insurance and/or travel cancellation insurance.An insurance if you break something on the Ranch.

I don´t speak English (yet) – can I apply for volunteering nevertheless?

You should be able to communicate about just basic things. Generally it matters that you are willing to learn and improve your language skills steadily. There with you will be able to express yourself confident in almost every circumstance in everyday life in English language.

Is it possible to work for salary?

No, we only take with volunteers.

How old should I be to volunteer?

You should be at least 18 years old.

Could you arrange a Visa for me?

No, sorry.

How long should I plan to stay?

We ask you for a minimum stay of 4 weeks but we are very happy to be with nice Volunteers a longer Period.

What will be expected from me as a volunteer?

  • Happiness
  • positive Thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Joy in communication
  • work power
  • and will proactive behavior
  • and initiative
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • behave like a good guest

How can I contact you?

Just use our application form, linked on the website or write us an e-mail.

Phone :1 403 628 3405

Address: Box 378

            T0K1H0 Lundbreck

            Alberta /Canada

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