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Thank you for your interest in volunteering in our animal rescue and education program. Please consult with your physician to ensure you are in good physical health to perform various volunteer duties. It is important that you understand that being around, working with, grooming and exercising horses and other animals can be a dangerous activity. It is critical that you follow all the rules, procedures and instructions. Do you accept this?

Please complete the following questions about yourself and your experience with horses:

When volunteering for Heaven’s Gate Animal Rescue, you may be in close contact with many types of animals including their medications, waste and food, etc. Although rare, there is a chance that an accident or illness may occur. In order to volunteer at the Heaven’s Gate Animal Rescue, you must agree to release Heaven’s Gate Animal Rescue, Heaven’s Gate Feed & Pet Supply or any person associated with either organization from any liability resulting from participation. I agree to the conditions stated in the waiver:
Do you have any physical conditions that would prevent your or limit your ability to perform tasks and duties typically involved on a Animal rescue facility?
I understand that by signing this application, I am applying toVolunteers that have been confirmed for our Project are expected to give at least 3 weeks notification to cancel. Anything less will be treated as a “no show”. We count on every Volunteer ,we book our Volunteers very careful to get a wonderful Team. We make significant plans for your arrival (preparing accommodations, buying extra food, planning trips to town to pick you up), and often turn other Volunteers away, because they have confirmed bookings. Therefore it is very important that you are committed to the arrangements you make. If some unforeseen circumstance arises where you cannot meet your commitment please contact the host with as much notice as possible !!!!!! Also, we turn other Volunteers away to make room for you, and are depending on the extra help. Just as you expect to have a place when you arrive at Heaven’s Gate . Please consider how you would feel if we had committed to you and shortly before you are set to arrive, we cancel. How much notice would you wish to receive? I understand that by signing this application, I am applying to volunteer at Heaven’s Gate Animal Rescue and understand that for any reason my application may be denied. I also understand that upon acceptance as a volunteer at Heaven’s Gate Rescue, I will be required to sign a release of liability and waiver. By signing this application I am verifying that all information I’ve provided is accurate. Do you aggree with that?

Your position as a volunteer depends upon your skill set. Wherever your interest lay is where you would be most beneficial to the program. This may include getting your hands dirty by helping out around the farm, or performing other tasks. The daily operations of our various projects would not be possible without you, the volunteer. On behalf of all our four legged friends, we thank you for your help!

I affirm to have given the above details truthfully and completely.
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