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Age: 4

...came here from Edmonton. She had to be sold because there wasn't enough room for her any longer. I fell in love with her instantly, don't know why!

Al and me discussed for quite a while since she cost $600. We learned though that she was to be sold at an auction market if nobody else decided to buy her soon. Such inexpensive horses in most cases go straight to the slaughterhouse.

Flicka is only three years old and still needs a lot of training. When she arrived on Heaven's Gate all other animals were happy for her: All ran on the big paddock and Flicka jumped around like a young deer. She didn't quite get what was happening to her. Only Paco, an old goat, who kisses every animal, annoyed her. Flicka had never seen a goat or a lama before.

Flicka enjoys her life with us. She brought some fresh impetus to the mob. Even Dakota, our bull, gallops after her and Acer, our blind mini, becomes a young stud.

Every morning now all my horses await me in front of the house – and I know that I am very happy!





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