Our new rescue - Felix, the skunk

He's about 5 weeks old and in a perfect health condition. The first days we fed him with a syringe but meanwhile he learned to eat by himself. Raising him is kinda funny, because we have to teach him to attack his enemies - but of course, we would also love to avoid smelling like skunk spray all the time. We keep Felix caged away from the sight and sound of humans and pets, so he does not become too accustomed. Limit handling of Felix to the bare minimum for feeding and examination only.
We do not want Felix to become bonded with us. We do not want Felix to seek out human contact when Felix released. If they come up to a human after release and that human thinks the skunk is trying to attack them, they may kill the skunk. Felix, is a cute little fella and Heaven's Gate will do its best to release him back into the wild, where he belongs.

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