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I had a wonderful time at Heaven

I had a wonderful time at Heaven's Gate!
Hannah Wilson   June 02, 2016  

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In just four weeks I learned so much about myself, other people and working on a farm. I worked with horses and ponies, I got stronger by doing woodwork, I learned how to be more independent, I got tougher and I learned how to push through. I got to work with a great team and beautiful animals. Most of the work is outside and not everything is with the animals, but everything is for them and that is what makes it so great. Being able to live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with inspiring, hardworking people was an amazing opportunity for me and I would not have want it any other way. Although living off the grid and at a rescue is not for everyone, it certainly was for me. Thank you so much Brigitte and Al for having me, and thank you Mavi, Jurek, Julia, Bjorg and Judith for making these four weeks unforgettable! ~Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson  



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