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A Little Thank You

A Little Thank You
Laurianne Roberge   June 03, 2016  

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Here's a little something to say thank you to the big family whom welcome me this Summer 2015 ❤️ For one month and a half I lived at Heaven's Gate. And I can say that not one day passed without having amazing fun! Those people that I met for two weeks or for my entire stay became family. But evenmore, the animal! Living with the rescue animal of Heaven's Gate makes you realise about the meaning of Second chance! Volunteers are welcome to stay at this family farm and enjoy a trip that will make them realise who they truely are! Brigitte and Al will help you developp your best strenght and will help you work with your weakness has for at the end of your trip you can love yourself as who you are!! Fencing, Horse backriding, swimming, bonfire, BQ, Bears training, Hiking, wildlife watching, indien rodeo, rodeo cabaret, fun time, and I pass so many things... My day in Heaven's Gate were amazing and different from what I lived before! In the bottom line, voluntaring at Heaven's Gate was the experience of a life time. All my thank you to Al, Brigitte and to the wonderful team of Volunteers that I met! In Hope to see you soon Love Laurie xxx
Laurianne Roberge  



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