Rocky Mountains - Alberta, Canada

Welcome to our sanctuary Heaven's Gate

Heaven’s Gate is a non-profit animal sanctuary and rescue located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Started in 2008, we are ever expanding and building in order to care for and house more animals and are reliant on outside charity support in order to do so.  We are blessed that we have been able to give so many animals a second chance at life in the past five years, and have also found many great homes for animals in wonderful, welcoming families.   We are grateful for every donation as the food, veterinary expenses, and other living costs is very expensive for so many animals.

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Vacation on Heaven's Gate

Your holiday at Heaven's Gate is actually a donation! Every day you spend in one of our Cabins is free!

A donation may take the form of a bale of hay, (about 70 $ CAN) per day. This project is unique, no one is obliged to pay . We wish our guests to feel welcomed at Heaven's Gate and that you all are happy to support all of our animals. Heaven's Gate is a place of love, therefore we trust every visitor. We are grateful that we are supported by many lovely people, thank you.

 To be a child again, to explore the secrets of nature and to not feel the burnout associated with vacation stress!  Forget everyday business and enjoy it!

Focus on what you hold precious in your daily life to strengthen your inner peace ! Find your emotional balance, in order to fully concentrate on what you love. Let go the times of stress in professional and private life, here you can soak up exciting training in the Canadian wilderness, through experience-oriented, holistic and relaxing surroundings!

Leave the daily stress behind - this can only be done by experiencing your very own adventure!  An experience of a very special kind leads into the remote wilderness, the Rocky Mountains, where you have the chance to explore a magnificent landscape! The modern disease of burnout, with work and life is quickly relieved by working with nature and not giving any power to stress.  Working harder and longer,  until you feel free of all pressures.

Burnout is a phenomenon of modern times, too often very depleting.  The extreme changes in lifestyle in the countryside, surrounded by so many animals, burnout can't survive!

So far there is only one way in the wilderness, not all the results of the study have been evaluated.  Though what is already known is: Eight days of life like in the stone age and the world looks different again. You feel you have your strength back and the medicinal values show a significant improvement.

Every Animal has the right to be loved

Heaven’s Gate is a paradise for many animals, and those who love to be close to animals. We believe in giving the animals as many chances as they need in order to heal. It does not matter where they come from, the age, size, colour or breed; we do our very best for each and every one. Every animal has the right to be loved. Our training is based on love, and that is the way to forgive, forget, and to heal.

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