A month in heaven

The beautiful surroundings with all its wildlife, awesome animals, really fun volunteer team, and Al and Brigitte being so nice and straight forward people all equally contributed to my experience at Heaven's Gate. I just loved being so close to the wildernis and back to basic, and at the same time enjoying the company of so many gorgeous animals and gaining so many new experiences. It gave me, and thinking about it still gives me, a lot of energy and a sense of true freedom. Secondly, I loved the harmony, love and positive energy at this place. It's so special how all the animals and people live so close together. Whatever you're doing, there's always someone, be it a dog, donkey, pig, horse, fox or racoon or any other animal, to keep you company and to make you smile. Animals really come first and are part of everything that happens at the ranch, and I really loved that. Thirdly, every time I thought that now maybe I had seen it all and things were becoming a routine, something new and surprising happened! Like a thunderstorm with huge hail stones turning the whole ranch in winter wonder land in just minutes, hearing a group of howling coyotes right on the ranch (and the dogs howling back at them), sighting bears just a 100m away, climbing the rockies, spotting an eagle in the air, bear safe training, swimming the crows nest river and seeing a beaver doing the same, the arrival of new rescue animals or volunteers, etc. Also the little things, like a racoon climbing your leg, a fox sniffing your face while at work in the garden, the three donkeys coming up to you, Coco the lama sniffing coming way to close and smelling his burps, made me smile every time. At Heaven's Gate there's never a dull moment! This experience was a huge reminder how an open mind, positive and enthusiastic energy, a team player attitude and most of all love is the way to go in life. Brigitte and Al, thank you so much for having me for some time at your piece of heaven. I hope to be back some day :)


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